Around the 'Corner'

When we opened our doors in 1975, we were proud to be your Corner Store and provide you with a variety of items conveniently.  We have grown into the history of our community, open 365 days a year so we can always be there when you need us.  Our local, family roots are what have made us such a long standing pillar of the community- first in Rocky River, then expanding to what and where we are today, adding Bay Village and Avon to our deli location family.

Many factors remain true from our beginnings to our present: We are a proud family-owned store providing you and your families with the best in fresh sandwiches, hot meals, party subs/trays and an extensive wine collection at an accommodating price range.  In the interest of continuing to provide our customers with what you want and need, we are thrilled to keep our roots planted while branching into what we are today.   Holding strong to our local ties, we carry beer from a wide variety of Cleveland and Ohio breweries.  We hold in-store and catered clambakes complete with local corn.  The newest addition to our community outreach begins this fall with bi-weekly catered clambakes on site at local breweries.

It has been and continues to be an honor and privilege for Martin?s Deli to be a part of your lives and Cleveland experiences.  We hope to remain true to our historic reputation, providing you a Corner Store feel of familiarity and convenience, as well as elevate our presence with an increase in local ties and specialized seasonal and party meals and events!

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