Ready to Go 
Mini Sub Fresh baked bread, baked ham, salami, American cheese and lettuce 
Ham & Cheese Baked ham, swiss cheese and lettuce
Turkey Breast with swiss cheese and lettuce
Roast Beef with swiss cheese
Combo  Turkey breast, baked ham, roast beef, provolone and lettuce on our fresh baked bread
Corned Beef  With swiss cheese on rye
Chicken Salad Homemade daily 
Tuna Salad Homemade daily
Egg Salad  Homemade daily
Egg Sandwich  Hot egg patty with baked ham or sausage and American cheese. Choice of bagel, croissant or english muffin
Egg Scrambler  Egg, cheese and sausage or bacon inside our fresh baked bread
Apple Fritters Baked daily
Cinnamon Rolls Baked daily
Donuts  Baked daily. Sprinkle, glaze, chocolate, cream filled
Cream Sticks White cream or custard filled. Topped with chocolate or maple glaze
Danish  Raspberry and blueberry
Muffins   Baked daily. Cranberry nut and blueberry
Served All Day
Hot Toasted Subs 
Chicken Teriyaki Rotisserie chicken, teriyaki, and swiss
BBQ Chicken Rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon and mozzarella
Italian Club  Cappicola, salami, pepperoni, baked ham and mozzarella
Italian Stallion Turkey, Capicola, Pepperoni and mozzarella 
Philly Steak  Sliced roast beef, steak seasoning and mozzarella
Meat Ball   Marinara sauce and mozzarella 
Turkey Bacon Club  Turkey, bacon and swiss 
Big Smokey Smoked Turkey, smoked cheddar and bacon
Gyro Tender meat, tzatziki sauce 

* Sandwiches available on Martin's braided bread, white, wheat or rye. Add your favorite toppings. 

Hearty Dinners
Create Your Own
We carry a wide selection of Deli meats and cheese. Select your favorite meat, cheese, toppings and bread for a unique and delicious option. Prices will vary. 
Chicken Noodle Homemade with our Rotisserie chicken.  Available every day.
8oz $3.99 
12oz $4.99  16oz $5.99
Chicken Salad  Homemade daily
Tuna Salad Homemade daily 
Egg Salad Homemade daily 
Macaroni Homemade 

* Priced by the Pound

Add Chips and Drink for Only 99¢
Rotisserie Chicken  Cooked daily, flavorful and moist. Whole and half chickens available.
Rotisserie Turkey  Slowly cooked, moist. Available whole or per serving.
Meat Loaf  Homemade
Lasagna  Filled with meat and cheese  
Salisbury Steak   4-5 oz patty covered in steak gravy
Chicken Noodle Casserole  Rotisserie chicken, peas, carrots, and egg noodles in a white sauce
Broccoli Au Gratin  Cheddar and broccoli covered with a crunchy topping
Cabbage Rolls  Cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef, onion and rice 
Macaroni & Cheese  Elbow pasta, smooth melted cheese
Mac & Beef  Elbow pasta, ground beef and red sauce 
Mashed Potatoes  Thick and smooth
Redskin Potatoes  Homemade daily, cooked in olive oil, garlic and seasoning 
Vegetables  Corn, peas and carrots 
Macaroni Homemade 
Cookie Bars Homemade, full of chocolate chips
M&M Cookies Made daily 
Chocolate Chip Cookies Made daily
Momma Joe's Pies Wide selection. Whole pies and single servings 
Brownies Rich chocolate fudge, covered with walnuts

* Choice of wheat or Italian sub. Add your favorite toppings. 

On the Side

* Selection varies daily, per store.